Just what is LawStream?

LawStream is integrated computer software for managing time, money and other resources in law offices.

Those small offices range in size from individual working alone, to groups of up to twenty people working together in the office.
When we refer to managing time, we mean your productive time (which you plan to turn into money), and your scheduled time: LawStream looks after both. Without leaving the LawStream application, you can record your services (with many different options and extras), track your to-do lists, and organize your upcoming meetings and deadlines.
LawStream helps you manage money, by giving you the computer tools you need, to track all the money coming into your business, and all the money going out of your business. If your business requires that you track time individually for each client/customer (e.g., law offices, trustees, realtors or notaries), then you can use LawStream's powerful features for trust accounting.
Even though you might not really be managing your contacts, you will certainly want to manage information about those contacts. LawStream makes it easy for you to communicate with those contacts, and easier for you to see what has been happening with the work you are performing on their files/projects. Client data-management can be as easy as looking up a phone number, sending an email message or checking a contact's birthday or preferred drink; it can be as complex and as powerful as a regular "client dedication report" that shows you which clients are giving you the most work and income.
The challenge of managing other information can go beyond contacts, time and money. Each project/file in your office can have many other types of data associated with it. Because LawStream permits the entry, display and use of custom variables, it promotes the integration of that information into other documents you prepare and use.