Law Office Management for OS X and Windows

How is LawStream's price calculated?

The first user is $800. Each additional user is another $600.
LawStream’s pricing is based on the number of people in an office with concurrent access to the firm’s shared LawStream data. The price is $800 for the first user, which is often enough for firms that are just starting to use LawStream. Upgrades (to add more users) are available, for firms that grow and need more users with concurrent access. Each concurrent user after the first one, costs $600.

For example, if your office has one lawyer and one assistant, and if both of you want to be able to access the LawStream data file at the same time, then the total cost would be $1,400.

There are mo monthly charges.

There are no additional charges for routine support or upgrades.

There are no additional costs for extra “modules”, as everything is included in your basic LawStream package.

Costs are subject to GST/HST/SST for those in Canada who are subject to such taxes.

Check with LawStream sales staff to verify pricing, as the prices may vary.

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