Law Office Management for OS X and Windows

Can I have my LawStream data file "in the cloud"?

The short answer is “no”. For a variety of reasons, LawStream has been designed to ensure that you can control and maintain your data file in your office.
LawStream uses an advanced data base engine called Omnis Studio. Like other powerful data base management applications, LawStream (with the aid of Omnis Studio) ensures reliable multi-user access and updates to the data file, by meticulously managing any additions and updates to an office’s shared data file. Part of that work relies on features of your computer’s operating system (Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows). Those features are not included in “cloud-based” storage devices.

There are other reasons for not having your data “in the cloud”. Although it might be reasonable to rely on representations from “cloud space providers” about the security of your data on their sites, many law offices prefer to maintain control and responsibility for their own clients’ data. The loss or exposure of sensitive client data remains a possibility, and “we were told the cloud space was secure” is not the kind of excuse most clients (or bar associations or law societies) would accept.

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