Here are some of the features of the LawStream Law Office Management Software:

Thanks to the integration of key functions into a single application, LawStream avoids the need for duplicate data entry or exporting/importing of data. The results include minimization of errors, increased reliability of data, and savings of data entry time.
Hierarchical data structure
By linking data types (e.g., linking multiple files to a common client, or linking transactions to individual users, LawStream is able to ensure that changes to a single record are reflected in related data throughout your office's data base, when (but only when) it is necessary to do so.
Cross platform compatibility
Cross-platform compatibility (Windows, Mac OS X PowerPC and Mac OS X IntelMac) means we can sell to a larger user-base, which means a more efficient delivery of software to users.
RAD (Rapid application development)
Much quicker time for development and testing, in response to changes in industry requirements and critical requests from users.
Tab-based Interface
Increased ease of navigation throughout the application, and improved organization in your office.
Customization and Variables
Options, codes, preferences and default information is available throughout LawStream; customization features can apply to the entire business, individual users, clients/contacts, and file/matter/job records, as well as individual time entries, reminders, and other transactions.
Variables can be defined for LawStream, and stored as defaults for all files in your business. Other variables can be created for individual files in the business. You might, for example: • want to note the annual income of a client/customer for purposes of a credit check: that information could be stored as a variable for every contact in the office, and used for all those contacts where a credit check is required; • need an insurance policy number for every file/project in your office, so you could choose to have that variable defined as a global variable for all files in your business, to have a common place where the insurance policy number is stored for all those files; • want to have a yes/no variable to indicate which of the clients in your office are subject to guardianship orders or other special considerations; that sort of information could be stored as a special variable for only the clients/contacts for which that information might be significant.
Entering and viewing that sort of information might be enough for many uses. LawStream also provides ways to export that sort of information. You should also expect soon to be able to use those custom variables in the reports you create from LawStream's integrated word processor (similarly to the way you can already use the many standard data base fields in those integrated word processor documents).