The following shows the current pricing structure for LawStream:

  • a single-user LawStream package costs $800
  • each additional user costs $600
  • for normal basic data-base creation, there is no charge; special requests for data import or customization (if appropriate) will be billed at $50 per hour
  • normal support and routine upgrades (i.e., upgrades that are not dependent on new operating system requirements or enhanced data base software) are included in the purchase price
  • annual support after the first year will cost $200 for firms with one to four users; for larger firms, the annual support cost is $400
  • increases in the number of users will be charged at the difference between the current number’s basic cost, and the new number’s basic cost, plus a $200 charge for preparation and delivery of a new software package
  • sales tax, HST, VAT GST or similar taxes will be added to those costs, if applicable